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Washington County Service Authority Newsletter Winter/Spring 2014



Capital Improvement Projects in the Works for WCSA

In an ongoing effort to improve and expand the water and wastewater infrastructure system throughout Washington County, the Washington County Service Authority (WCSA) has many capital improvement projects in the works.


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Latest Announcements
Economic Development Release
Service Authority Making Good on its $3.2 million Economic Development Investment in
Oak Park Center for Business and Industry

ABINGDON, Va. – The Washington County Service Authority is beginning construction of a project that will provide 500,000 gallons per day of sewer capacity for Oak Park Center for Business and Industry. This is the second phase of a two phase construction project and part of a much broader initiative by the Service Authority to provide public sewer service.

On February 22, 2010, the Service Authority and Town of Abingdon reached a crucial agreement whereby the Town relinquished a portion of its sewer service area in Washington County and provided 1 million gallons per day of sewer capacity to the Service Authority in its Wolf Creek Water Reclamation Facility.

At the same time the Service Authority started taking steps to determine how to systematically provide public sewer service to the western portion of Washington County and to secure funding for the Exit 13 Phase 1 Project to serve Westwood View, a portion of Westwood and a portion of the Jonesboro Road neighborhoods.

By January 2012, the Service Authority began construction on the Exit 13 Phase 1 Project at a total cost of $7,149,357. This phase of the project was a building block for public sewer service not only for adjoining neighborhoods but for Oak Park. For that reason, the Service Authority oversized parts of the Exit 13 Phase 1 Project to permit greater flow: an additional 500,000 gallons of sewer from Oak Park at a cost of $3,206,647.

The Service Authority also worked with federal and state funding agencies to fund the Oak Park Sewer Project, and on September 20, 2011, it first learned of the Virginia Tobacco Commission Megasite Grant Program. “This Program was an ideal fit” says Robbie Cornett General Manager of the Service Authority. The Service Authority then began working with Washington County to obtain the funds. An application was made on November 18, 2011 and on January 10, 2012 the Tobacco Commission funded the $3,892,700 Project.

Construction is set to begin on the Oak Park Sewer Project next month. Service Authority Board Chairman Joe Chase says, “There is no substitute for hard work and persistence. We asked the Service Authority Staff to find the best, most economical solution and they did that.” Chase also noted that the project would not have been possible without the Town of Abingdon agreement, the Service Authority’s foresight and commitment of $3.2 million, and the Tobacco Commission’s grant of $3.89 million.
WCSA serves approximately 20,900 water and 1,500 wastewater customers. The water system consists of approximately 900 miles of water line, a 2.5-million-gallon-per-day membrane filtration plant, a 6.6-million-gallon-per-day surface water treatment plant, two springs, one well, multiple pump stations and water storage tanks. The wastewater system consists of approximately 64 miles of wastewater collection lines, 27 pump stations and two wastewater treatment plants.

For further information,
contact Robbie Cornett,
General Manager,
276-628-7151, ext. 224.
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